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The Simac Ladies Tour was the last Women’s World Tour race of the season for AG Insurance-NXTG. Yuli van der Molen, Senne Knaven, Mylène de Zoete, Eline van Rooijen, Maud Rijnbeek and Ilse Pluimers defended the colours of the team in the Netherlands.

Day one was a chaotic day with crashes where luckily all our riders came away unscathed. They did however miss the decisive split which proved instrumental for the final overall classification. On day two Mylène sprinted to a fourth place and a day later to sixth, a fantastic result in a world class field.

Eline van Rooijen played an important part for the team this week. She was active in breakaways and helped Maud and Ilse who were the designated leaders for the white jersey.

“I went in the break on day three and on the final day. That was my task but it was day four of the race in the hills of Limburg that was my best day ever on the bike. I felt so strong that day and could follow the best riders. In the final I had to let go but made it to the finish line in one piece. The sad thing on the final day was that the peloton didn’t grant us much room. From that moment I fought my way to the finish and finished this race which is a great feeling.”

Maud Rijnbeek had that super day on Sunday. It was a contrast to last year where she had to abandon on the final day which was a big disappointment to the young Dutch rider.

“I was really looking forward to this race because I enjoyed it so much last year. I also wanted to set thing straight for myself. The first three days went super well. I was riding the finals and got a tenth place on the second day. That was my first top ten in a World Tour race. 

I was nervous for that day in Limburg and for the time trial. It was hard in the hills but I fought hard to stay in the race when many girls had to leave that day. I am also okay with my time trial on Saturday but the highlight came on Sunday. It was on that day it went wrong last year. It was the same course this year and I felt so good! I raced with the best riders and even attacked in the final.

I am really proud to have ended the Simac Ladies Tour like this and also so proud of the team. All the girls did a fantastic job as did the staff. They do so much for us and it was a great week.”

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