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It’s been a few days and the dust has settled. There is time for the fatigue to set in and time to look back at the wonderful adventure it has been for AG Insurance-NXTG. It was a first Tour de France for our riders, a first Champs Elysées, a first mountain stage, a first white jersey and a first finish.

There were tears of joy of how we raced together but also tears of pain when Ally Wollaston [out with a broken wrist] and Gaia Masetti [out with a broken jaw] crashed out of the race on stage two. We wish them a swift recovery.

There was joy when an ambitious goal was achieved when Julia Borgström wore the white jersey for a day, showing the world that development works. 

There were laughs among the riders and the hardworking and dedicated staff and moments where everything seemed to be going wrong. But in the end, there was pride in each and everyone involved with AG Insurance-NXTG for completing this monumental task.

Ilse Pluimers

"This Tour de France Femmes was such an amazing experience. The last day was just all about savoring the moment. Anya and I rode up the final climb together and we enjoyed every moment. All in all, it wasn’t always easy but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

Anya Louw

"The Tour de France Femmes as a whole was just plain awesome. Every stage gave us something different. There were challenges for the team but we overcame those. I learned something new literally every single day.

The last stage was super hard and everyone in the bunch was so tired. It’s been an amazing experience riding up that last climb together with Ilse and crossing the finish line holding hands. I think that is already one of the highlights of my career. The feeling of finishing the Tour was just awesome and doing it together with my team mate really was the icing on the cake.”

Lone Meertens

"that I will remember from this Tour de France Femmes is all the fans. I had never expected there would be supporters every kilometer of the way. It was really great. Another highlight was the white jersey for Julia. It meant that we could step up to that podium with all the major teams. It was a wonderful experience.

The final stage was all about surviving because the legs were just empty. I was determined to make it to the line and was so very happy when I did. The atmosphere in the mountains was electric with all the people there. I really tried to take it all in and enjoy that even though that final climb was so very hard.” 

Julia Borgström

"The Tour de France was bigger than I expected it to be. Just thinking you race the Tour de France is already amazing. There were so many people every day and that made this so special. It was a bit like the world championships.  The organization did a really wonderful job in pulling this off. 

My own experience was that of a lifetime. It exceeded all my expectations when it comes to the experience and my own performance. We did an amazing job as a team and really created that wonderful atmosphere with the staff. I will never forget that day in the white jersey and am forever grateful I had the chance to go for it. I enjoyed every minute of the Tour de France Femmes."

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