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Fien Masure was the youngest of them all this year.. Her season started with a really bad crash in Hageland. It was her first race ever in the elite category but she redeemed herself in the last months of the year and will be riding for the AG Insurance-NXTG U23 team next season.

“I crashed really hard during my very first race and broke my jaw in several places. It was a long road back because I couldn’t train pain free for a very long time. That’s why I didn’t get to do many races. It was a tough period because I also lost my love for the sport. Luckily I have a great team around me helping me and supporting me. That was the good thing coming out of this very hard period.

In August I finally felt better, rode without pain and in September and October I managed to do some good races. Those races went so much better than I expected. I surprised myself and had so much fun with my teammates and I had fun on the bike again.

Next year I want to become stronger, especially in climbing. I also look forward to learning more about race tactics. I look forward to doing a full season with some ‘old’ teammates and some new ones as well. It’s all about breaking the barriers, unlocking my potential and most of all to have lots of fun in what I do.”

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